The Book With No Pictures by B.J.Novak

Have you heard about The Book With No Pictures? It is seriously laugh-out-loud funny! I read it every year to the K-3 elementary classes, and every time a student checked it out I smiled imagining them taking it home for their parents to read to them that night. Kids love silly books, especially when it's a book that makes adults say silly things. 

The New York Times #1 bestseller is an instant classic read-aloud kids will want to hear over and over again, and you'll be happy to do's just a fun book to read. Click here to see B.J. Novak read it to a group of kids...

You can read it for free by checking it out at your local public library! 

To purchase this book for yourself or donate one to your local school library, follow this link to Amazon...
The Book with No Pictures

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