Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

Wolf Hollow is the debut novel from Lauren Wolk. One of my favorite things in the whole world is when a debut novel sets the literary world on fire. I borrowed this book from my county library as an eBook because after reading all the raving reviews I just couldn't wait for the book in print, I needed to read it immediately! It certainly did not disappoint, and I predict we'll be hearing a lot more about this wonderful story as we get closer to Newbery Award season...as of this moment right now it is my top pick of the year. Set in a time between two world wars, Annabelle knows only kindness but is shown a darker side of humanity when a cruel new student at school bullies her. Annabelle has to find the strength and courage to stand up for herself without ever having done it before. I believe we are witnessing a classic in the making with Wolf Hollow, and I'd love for you to read this book and tell me what you think about it in the comments.

Visit your local library and check this book out!

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To purchase this book for yourself or donate one to your local school library, follow this link to Amazon...
Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

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