A Tiny Piece of Sky by Sarah Stout

A Tiny Piece of Sky by Sarah Stout has got to be one of the most exquisitely well written books I've ever read. Several times I stopped to admire the sentence structure and flow of Sarah's writing (total book nerd, I know!)  And she's able to tell the story with such dignified humor...but I have to confess one thing...and it pains me to even think about...there is a pretty massive typo that I bookmarked and returned to several times while reading this story to re-read and re-read...just to be sure I wasn't losing my mind and to confirm it was, in fact, an editorial oversight, and sadly it is, it most undeniably is. That's all I'm going to say about it. I will not tell you where it is...you'll have to find it for yourself. Hey-crap happens. Humans make mistakes, even really good editors. 

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