Booked by Kwame Alexander

Booked by Kwame Alexander was a fresh, very enjoyable read. I was skeptical picking it up because I know absolutely ZERO about soccer and thought I'd spend the entire time being lost and having to google my way through understanding some of the conversations but that didn't happen at all.

It's about Nick, a 12-year old boy who loves soccer, crushes on a girl, gets bullied and has some serious stuff to deal with at home.  Just when he thinks he can't handle any more, something serious happens that knocks him out of the game for a few weeks.

Kwame's writing style is so unique, and it's not just the novel-in-verse that has me in awe. It's the way he flips between writing in first person present tense and third person, and the way my brain just soaked it up like it was nothing...I think I'm smarter just for having read this book and exercising my brain like that. If you liked The Crossover, (Kwame's 2015 Newbery Winning book in verse) you will LOVE this one. I can't decide which one I like more...

Call up your local library and request it FOR FREE...

If you enjoyed reading Booked, you'll probably like All the Broken Pieces and The Crossover too!

To purchase this book for yourself or donate one to your local school library, follow this link to Amazon...

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