One Amazing Elephant "Beautiful, poignant middle grade novel about Queenie Grace and the people she loves"

I love all kinds of books and stories, but every now and then I read a book that I can't put down. I spend hours-sometimes into the wee ones of the night-reading and reading until I finish the book. One Amazing Elephant is one of those books. So well written, so charming. I loved it. I'm adding it to my list of favorites and believe it is an absolute 2018 Newbery contender. 

Queenie Grace, a circus elephant, has always loved Lily, but Lily has been afraid of her over a misunderstanding back when she was just a toddler. Queenie Grace laid next to Lily to comfort her, but Lily thought she was trying to roll onto her. Lily spent her whole life believing Queenie Grace hated her until a tragic event happened that made her realize she was wrong about Queenie Grace all along.

I found very subtle comparisons to The One and Only Ivan, none of which make this wonderful story less admirable. The elephant likes to paint pictures. Ivan likes to paint pictures. Alternating chapters speak from Queenie Grace's point of view...and Ivan is written from Ivan's point of view. I found it unique and well written and it completely stands on it's own. I think kids are going to love it. It's a beautiful story about an extraordinary animal who loves humans. If you like heartwarming books with happy endings you will enjoy this one very much.

If you love this story, you're probably going to enjoy The One and Only Ivan and Moo.

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