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I'm very selective with the books I review. If you are a publisher or author and want to send me an ARC, I do not guarantee I will read it or review it. If I don't like a book I don't talk about it. I'm not going to write a bad review for two reasons: #1. As a writer myself I am not going to speak negatively about someone's heart and soul. #2. Literature is like food. Some people love tomatoes, others hate them. My taste in books might not be the same as yours, so who am I to negatively review a book I didn't enjoy? Just because I don't like a book doesn't mean someone else isn't going to love that same book. I will not discourage someone from reading a book they may end up loving by sharing negative thoughts about it and turning them away before they even pick it up. There have been award winning books I didn't even finish reading because I just didn't enjoy them...but someone-lots of people-loved them enough to give them awards! And I've had kids read some of those books and they liked them...if I would've said, "Oh, I didn't really like that one,"  those kids probably wouldn't have read them. What a shame it would be to deprive someone of something wonderful based on my opinion.

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